2020-10-01: TWSS Reconciliation - Webinars & Reporting the amount of TWSS paid to employees


We will be hosting webinars to discuss TWSS reconciliation and reporting of TWSS to Revenue on the following dates;

  • Wednesday 7th October @ 3PM
  • Thursday 8th October @ 11AM
  • Wednesday 14th October @ 11AM

These webinars are free to attend, but you must register on our website in order to attend. You can register at


Reporting TWSS to Revenue

If you were operating TWSS you may have received a letter from Revenue advising you that you will need to begin the process of reporting all the payments made to employees under the scheme to Revenue.

CollSoft Payroll has since the end of April already been reporting all of these payments to Revenue as part of your normal Payroll Submissions. All in all just over 90% of the TWSS payments made using CollSoft have already been reported to Revenue as part of your regular Payroll Submissions.

However, any TWSS payments that you made in March and April probably were not reported because Revenue did not facilitate this at the time, and so they must be now be reported before 31st October.

We have released an update (Build 148) which enables you to easily report these TWSS payments directly through the software. After you install the update the software will scan all of the TWSS payments in your data files, and any that have not already been reported will be updated and prepared for re-submission to Revenue.

In Payroll these will be highlighted in red as "Overdue submissions" - this is completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. It simply means that you need to re-submit these payrolls to Revenue with the updated TWSS information. You can just open these periods and press the blue "PSR" button to submit these changes to Revenue, or, you can use the dedicated Wizard included in this update which will submit all overdue submissions in one go. Instructions for this procedure are included in the attached release notes.

A small number of users may receive an "Invalid Line Item" error while trying to report these payments to Revenue. Usually this is because the user has made a manual adjustment to the payslip on ROS. Doing so breaks the link between CollSoft and the payslip on Revenue. We are investigating what options are available in such cases, but it may mean that the user will have to manually report the TWSS paid on ROS for these payslips. For now we would like our users to concentrate on reporting as much as they can, and then we can look at the invalid payslips later.

We would like to point out that the approach taken by CollSoft is different from other Payroll Software providers such as Sage, Thesaurus and Brightpay. Employers using those packages will not have reported any TWSS payments to Revenue (everything from March to September), and they will not be able to report to Revenue directly through their payroll software. These employers will be required to create a CSV file in their software and upload it separately to Revenue through ROS. This process has been detailed in the letter sent to employers over the week. Please remember, you will not need to create such a CSV file from CollSoft as we are reporting the amounts directly to Revenue through the software as outlined above.
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