Employers can now upload EWSS Sweepback CSV files to Revenue

Employers who are registered for EWSS are now apply for a sweepback subsidy through ROS by uploading a CSV file listing the employees for which a sweepback payment is being claimed. This upload is only available to employers who have registered for EWSS.

CollSoft Payroll has been updated to enable users create this CSV file from within the software. This requires that you update to Build 144 which is now available to download from our website or by using the "Check For Updates" feature in the software. The release notes for this update are available here>>

If you have registered for EWSS you may be entitled to apply for a sweepback subsidy (and PRSI credit) in respect of some or all of the employees paid in July and August 2020.

Revenue have published a guide for the sweepback process here>>

We will be hosting some General EWSS Q&A Zoom calls this week and users can register on our website https://www.collsoft.ie/Events

Employers who availed of TWSS

If you were registered for TWSS then you are able to claim a sweepback EWSS payment for any employees who were not eligible for TWSS.

Generally speaking this would be for employees who were not employed by you in February 2020 (such as newly hired employees), and includes employees who are no longer currently employed by you provided they were paid at some point in July and August.

Employees who were eligible to receive a subsidy payment under TWSS are not eligible for the EWSS sweepback, even if you did not apply for a TWSS payment for them while you were availing of TWSS.

The subsidy and PRSI credit will be calculated based on each payment made to the relevant employees in July and August 2020.

Employer who did NOT avail of TWSS

If you did not register for TWSS but you have now registered for EWSS then you are able to claim a sweepback subsidy in respect of all employees paid in July and August 2020 regardless of whether they were eligible for TWSS or not.

How can I claim an EWSS Sweepback Subsidy?

An employer will be able to make a claim for an EWSS sweepback subsidy from Revenue by uploading a CSV file listing the PPSN and Employment IDs of all eligible employees.

Revenue will use this CSV file to calculate the subsidy and PRSI credit based on the wages that were submitted to them for July and August 2020.

CollSoft has released an update on Tuesday morning that will enable users to create this CSV file from their software.

This sweepback facility will remain available on ROS for one month until 14th October, so employers who have still not registered for EWSS will have time to obtain their tax clearance, register for EWSS and submit a claim.

After Revenue have processed your CSV file they will arrange for the payment of the subsidy to your nominated bank account, and the PRSI credits will be credited to your July and August monthly statements.

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