Getting started with Wage Subsidy Scheme - Webinars


We will be hosting two Webinars this week if you have any questions that you would like to ask us about the Wage Subsidy Scheme.

They are free to attend but you must register in order to attend.

Register for Wage Subsidy Scheme Q&A Webinar at 2:30PM on Wednesday 8th July 2020


Register for Wage Subsidy Scheme Q&A Webinar at 2:30PM on Thursday 9th July 2020

These will be general Question and Answer sessions where we will be answering questions rather than making a presentation . If you would like to look over one of our recent presentations please download a copy of the slides from our website at

Wage Subsidy Scheme for Employees returning from Maternity Leave

Revenue have now published details of how an employer can apply for a wage subsidy in respect of an employee who was on maternity leave in January or Feburary of this year in Version 14 of the FAQ section 3.15 (avalailable here)

Employers should raise a new MyEnqueries ticket in their ROS account as follows;

1) Log on to ROS MyEnquiries, click Add A New Enquiry and select the current category ‘Covid-19: Temporary
Wage Subsidy’, Subcategory: “TWSS -Maternity and other Benefits”.

2) In MyEnquiries the employer can access a link to download a simple form (in excel format). The employer
must complete the details for each relevant employee and “save” the form. They can then return to MyEnquiries and upload the completed form. As part of the process the employer will confirm that the employee had returned to employment and, for the month of February 2020, was on maternity, adoptive, paternity or parental leave, or directly related unpaid leave, or in receipt of Health and Safety benefit, Parent's benefit
or Illness benefit. Once uploaded an acknowledgement will be sent automatically to an employer’s ROS Inbox.

Please click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet from Revenue

3) The downloadable form requires the following details for each employee concerned
• Name
• Employment ID
• Pay Frequency
• Normal contractual gross pay (excluding notional pay) (e.g. annual salary, weekly / month wage,
daily / hourly rate)
• If hourly rate, provide normal contracted hours per week or normal expected hours per week.
• Normal PRSI Class
• Type of leave or benefit paid by DEASP
• Date of return to employment from Maternity, Adoptive, Paternity or Parental leave, or directly related unpaid leave, or having received Health and Safety benefit, Parent's benefit or Illness benefit.

Revenue TWSS CSV File

Revenue are now updating the TWSS CSV file on a nightly basis to include any rehires that have occurred that day. If you rehire an employee today, then you will be able to download an updated CSV file tomorrow.

Step by Step instructions showing how to import the Revenue TWSS CSV file into CollSoft Payroll are available here>>

We have also recorded a video which shows you the whole process from start to finish. You cant watch the video here>>

Key Differences of Operational Phase of TWSS
  • Commenced on 4th may 2020
  • The amount of subsidy available for employees who have an Average Revenue Net Pay (ARNWP) up to €412 are now entitled to an 85% subsidy (up from 70%)
  • Employees with an ARNWP less that €350 can now be topped up to €350 by the employer without any loss (tapering) of the subsidy.
  • Employees with an ARNWP more than €960 are now eligible for the scheme if their current pay has dropped below €960, and where their pay has dropped by at least 20% of their ARNWP.
  • The amount of subsidy available to all employees with an ARNWP more than €586 is now "Tiered" into 3 distinct tiers where the maximum subsidy available is either €350, €205 or zero depending on which tier the employee falls into. The tier is determined by the amount by which the employees pay has dropped below their ARNWP
  • Revenue are providing a CSV file to all employers that specifies the amount of subsidy that is available to all employees. This CSV file can be downloaded from your ROS account and can be imported into CollSoft Payroll. Step by step instructions are given below
  • Under the previous "Temporary Phase" Revenue always refunded the employer €410 per employee per week. In the "Operational Phase" Revenue will now only refund the actual amount of subsidy available to the employee based on the amount of Pay that the employer is paying on top of the subsidy.

The slides from our previous webinars discussing the Operational Phase can be downloaded here>>

Update to ROS Website that enable employers to view the details of the subsidy refunded by Revenue

Revenue have released an update to the ROS website that enables employers to view a detailed breakdown of amounts refunded by Revenue under the scheme.

This includes a details of each employee in the payment along with details around any employees who were rejected by Revenue.

Instructions of how to access this information can be found in the attached PDF file here>>
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