Cannot send Email Payslips if using Virgin Broadband - Error: 13973 The transport failed to connect to the server.


Virgin Broadband have introduced a firewall policy on their networks whereby they have blocked all access to Port 25.

Port 25 is an industry standard port used to connect to email servers, and it is used by the CollSoft Email Payslip server to relay email payslips for many of our customers.

If you are using Virgin Broadband and you attempt to send email payslips through the CollSoft Server you will likely receive an error message "Error: 13973 The transport failed to connect to the server.". This is because Virgin are blocking access on Port 25.


We have released an update of Payroll 2022 to get around this problem by enabling the user to choose to use Port 587 which is another industry standard port for sending email, and which is not currently blocked by Virgin Broadband.

To get the latest version of Payroll 2022 simply open your 2022 software and select the "Check For Updates" option in the "Help" menu.

You should be running Build 61 or higher.

After installing the update you will need to modify your email settings to use Port 587 instead of 25. You can do this by selecting the "Email Options" item in the "Tools" menu, and then set the Port number to 587 as shown in the following screenshot.

You should then be able to send your email payslips as normal after the port has been updated.
Creation date: 19/05/2022 15:14      Updated: 24/05/2022 09:23
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