ROS Payroll Services are Down

Thursday 2nd March 2023 18:00

All Revenue services appear to be working correctly

Thursday 2nd March 2023 15:19

Revenue have advised that Payroll services are working again as normal.

We have tested RPNs and Payroll Submissions and these appear to be working as expected.

However, the Period return API which is used to read back all submissions made in a particular month appears to be still offline. This will impact any reconciliations or P30 Summaries.

That said, you can continue to retrieve RPNs, run your payroll and submit to Revenue

Thursday 2nd March 2023 14:29

Revenue have advised us that all Payroll services are currently down. 

You will not be able to retrieve RPNs or submit Payrolls through ROS or Payroll.

We will advise you when normal service has resumed.

CollSoft Payroll
Creation date: 02/03/2023 14:31 Jason      Updated: 02/03/2023 18:19 Jason