Adding a Digital Certificate

With PAYE Modernisation being introduced in 2019, there are two new processes used when processing wages, namely the automated retrieval of (RPN’s) Revenue Payroll Notifications for each of your employees from Revenue and the submission of your payroll data each payroll run to Revenue (PSR’s)

For this two-way communication to take place between CollSoft and Revenue’s systems, your ROS digital certificate will be used.

Therefore, before you can begin processing with your payroll, you need to add your ROS digital certificate into the software. This is a once-off exercise and your digital certificate must already be on the same machine as the software itself.

Please note: if your certificate changes in anyway, then the “old” certificate will need to be removed and the new certificate must be loaded. Examples are: changing your ROS password, your certificate expiring (the certificate is valid for 2 years) or you are adding an new company/employer onto your agent certificate.


Adding a Digital Certificate

  • Open your company

Next, click on the “certs” icon at the top of payroll

  • Click the “load certificate” button on the right. Read the blurb and then click “next”

  • Click the yellow folder icon to the right of the certificate field and browse to the location of where your digital certificate resides (if recently retrieved from Revenue, this will be in your downloads folder)

    The file extension of your digital certificate will either be
     .p12 or .bac. In the event that you are unable to locate your digital certificate, a search can be performed on your machine by typing in '.p12' or '.bac' in your search facility.
    Select your digital certificate and press Open:

  • After selecting your digital certificate, you will be prompted to enter your associated certificate password. This will be the password you use to log into your ROS account.

  • Select either “Employer certificate”, or TAINAgent certificate. If you selected TAINAgent Certificate, then capture your TAIN number in the field to the right. Click ‘Finish’ when complete.
  • You will be prompted to validate your certificate. Click “yes”
   Select the company/s that this certificate relates to and then “validate” on the bottom right.

The first time using your newly loaded certificate, you will need to select the certificate and enter the password twice.

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