Adding Employees using a Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN)

CollSoft facilitates the setting up of employees using the Revenue Payroll Notification (RPN).

This facility would be used when setting up an employer or company that already exists and has employees already registered on Revenue. You cannot use the facility if this is new company with no registered employee’s.

To do this-

1.       Click on the “RPN” icon on the home screen of the payroll


2.       Select cert and type in your cert password if prompted to do so.

3.       Click into the RPN tab “3 New employees with an RPN”

4.       Select all relevant employee’s by ticking the box to the left of their name

5.       Click “create new” button on the right

The employee records will now be created for the selected employees, which can be accessed within ‘Employees current screen’.

PLEASE NOTE- setting up employee records in this manner will only bring in the information that is included in the RPN, e.g. the employee’s name, PPS number, Employment ID and RPN details.

Further manual entry will be required in each employee record for employee information that is not included in an RPN e.g. the employee’s rate of pay, email address, bank details, annual leave entitlement, departmental allocation, PRSI class and so on

Creation date: 06/12/2022 12:12 Kerri      Updated: 15/12/2022 08:56 Kerri