CollSoft Customer Year End Update

Payroll 2023

Payroll 2023 will be available to download from our website sometime on Friday 9th December.

The 2023 software includes some key new features;

  1. Enables multiple payments to be made to employees within a single pay period. This includes "Advance Payments" which can be run in advance of your main payroll run and automatically recouped in the next payslip,  as well as additional/supplementary/bonus payments which can be processed after your main payroll run.
  2. Support for Statutory Sick Pay.

Our Year End Webinars will include detailed explanation of the new features and how they work. (see below for more details on the Webinars)

Statutory Sick Pay

The Minister of Enterprise, Trade and Employment signed and published the regulations which govern Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) on 29th November 2022.

A copy of the regulations can be viewed here>>

Statutory Sick Pay will come into operation for all employers from 1st January 2023.

Under the scheme all eligible employees will be entitled to 3 days of paid sick leave in 2023. This will increase to 5 days in 2024, 7 days in 2025 and finally 10 days in 2026.

In order to be eligible for SSP an employee mush have worked 13 weeks of continuous service and produce a medical certificate in respect of each day of statutory sick leave requested.

There are 3 methods by which the daily amount of SSP that an employee is entitled to can be calculated;

  1. For Employees on a fixed salary, or a fixed number of hours at a fixed rate, the employee is entitled to a payment of 70% of their normal daily rate, up to a maximum of €110 per day. This daily rate includes any fixed salary, allowance or bonus that does not vary according to the work normally carried out, but excludes any pay for overtime or commission.
  2. For Employees on a fixed hourly rate, but a variable number of hours per week, the employee is entitled to be paid for the hours that they would have worked on the day they were sick, but at a rate that is 70% of their normal rates subject to a maximum payment of €110 per day. Again this applies to all normal rates, allowances or bonuses but excludes overtime and commission.
  3. For any employees not covered by either of the above methods, they will be entitled to be paid for the number of hours which they would have worked on the sick day, but at a rate which is calculated as 70% of their average rate of pay over the previous 13 weeks, subject to a maximum of €110 per day. Again this applies to all normal rates, allowances or bonuses but excludes overtime and commission.

We will be covering SSP in more detail over the coming weeks via our Webinars and newsletters, and Payroll 2023 will have tools to help you calculate employees entitlement to SSP and track any such payments made to your employees.

CollSoft Year End Webinars

We will be hosting a number of Year End Webinars for customers on Friday 30th December, Wednesday 4th January and Monday 9th January at 12PM.

Attendance is free, but you must register here>> in order to receive an invite.

The agenda for the Webinars is as follows;

  1. Year End Tasks in Payroll 2022
  2. Getting started with Payroll 2023
  3. An overview of the new features in Payroll 2023
  4. Statutory Sick Pay
  5. Q&A

If you would like to attend one of the webinars please register here>>

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