Delete a Wage that has been Submitted to Revenue

From within Collsoft Payroll, it is possible to Delete a wage that you have already submitted to revenue.

The payroll will delete the wage from the payroll and will also delete the submission made to revenue for that wage.

If you look at the screenshot below, Week 1 has been submitted to revenue successfully. You can see this by the inclusion of the word Filed after this week.

So if we want to delete a wage that has been filed with revenue, in week 1, we first need to open week 1.

To do this, click on week 1 and you will get the following message.

If the Week you want to change is a different week or if it is Monthly or Fortnightly payroll, just click on the Period you want to change and the message below will appear.

Click Yes on this wage and Week 1 will open in front of you, as shown below.

I have highlighted the wage for Martine in Red as this is the wage that we are going to delete.

So the first thing we need to do is click on Martine's name and her wage will appear in front of you, as shown below.

The Delete button has been highlighted in Red, we need to click on this button to Delete the wage for Martine.

So click on the Delete button. Because this wage has already been submitted to revenue, you will get the following message.

We want to delete the wage from the payroll and from revenue, so we click Yes on this message.

If you are prompted for your Ros Cert and Password. enter them in and click Ok, as shown below.

If you have already entered your Cert and Password at some point, before beginning the process of deleting a wage, you will not be prompted for your cert and password.

Once you click Ok, the payroll will connect with revenue and delete the submission made to revenue for this wage. The Payroll will then delete this wage from the Week 1 also and bring you back to the Weekly Wages screen for Week 1.

You can see the wage for Martine has been deleted in the payroll.

This wage has been deleted from Revenue also.
Creation date: 11/11/2021 10:07      Updated: 12/11/2021 17:09