Important Notice - Do Not Update Your RPNs - Update

**** Update 17/12/2019 2PM ****

Revenue have confirmed that since late last night approximately 9,000 2019 RPNs and 9,300 2020 RPNs were issued with the incorrect details as outlined below.

They have now rectified the problem and re-issued new RPNs for the employees in question.

It should now be safe to continue checking for updated RPNs before running your Payroll.

If you have already run your Payroll with an incorrect RPN then please check for updated RPNs and recalculate your payroll.

**** End of Update ****

We have been made aware by Revenue of a potentially serious error with the RPNs that they have released since last night.

This is not a bug in CollSoft Payroll - it is a Revenue mistake and affects all Payroll Software Suppliers

The issue has resulted in the Standard Rate Cut Off Point being duplicated and doubled in the affected RPNs.

Using these RPNs may result in a substantial tax refund being issued to your employees.

Revenue have advised us that these RPNs should not be used, however, we have no way of blocking them from being used.

Our advice for the moment is that you do not check for updated RPNs while processing this weeks wages, and simply continue to use those that you already have on file.

If you have already updated your RPNs this morning, then you should be weary about any tax refunds that arise as they may be incorrect.

We will keep you posted with any updates.

Last Updated 17/12/2019 2PM
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