Payroll 2020 Availability

Payroll 2020

The Payroll 2020 edition is available to download on our web page

We would recommend restarting your computer when the install is complete. So please close out of all programs, including the payroll 2019 program before downloading the payroll 2020 program.

Payroll 2020 Pricing

Some of our competitors have announced substantial price increases and restructuring of their licencing for 2020 citing increased costs associated with PAYE Modernisation. They will now charge on a "Per Employee" basis for regular users, and on a "Per Company" basis for bureau users.

We would like to reassure customers that with Collsoft Payroll there are no employee limits or charges linked to the number of employees when setting up your company. We believe in offering our customers a straightforward pricing structure. Our prices and software editions are clearly set out below. There are no hidden charges or extra support costs.

The changes we have introduced are intended to add even better value for our customers.

  • Small Business edition will now allow you to operate payroll for up to 5 Companies (up from 3)
  • New in 2020 is our Micro Bureau edition – allowing 10 companies and unlimited employees
  • Bureau edition – unlimited companies and unlimited Employees

For 2020 our prices are as follows;

  • Small Business Edition, Unlimited Employees, up to 5 Companies - €150 + VAT
  • Micro Bureau Edition, Unlimited Employees, up to 10 Companies - €220 + VAT
  • Bureau Edition, Unlimited Employees, Unlimited Companies - €340 + VAT

All prices include technical support and a free licence to run payroll on a second PC or laptop.

We believe that this offers exceptional value for money when compared to our main competitors Sage and Thesaurus/Brightpay who now charge you based on the number of employees.

Your Final 2019 Payrolls - Ending your 2019 Tax Year Correctly

With Payroll Modernisation it is the date that your employee is paid that is the most important thing - not when they worked.

If you are processing wages for employees who worked in December 2019, but you are actually making the payments in January 2020 then these wages must be run as 2020 Payrolls using the employees 2020 RPNs.

Any payments that you make to your employees dated from 1st January on wards must be reported to Revenue as a 2020 payment, and the tax liabilities will be incurred in 2020.

This is a very important fact to be aware of, as you start processing your final payments in 2019.

For example, if you are processing your final December wages on 28th December, but your employees actually receive the payment on 2nd January, then Revenue will consider this to be a 2020 payment and must be recorded in your 2020 Payroll.

You must make sure that all of your 2019 wages are actually paid to your employees before the 1st January 2020.

For more information please refer to Page 83, section 10.12 of the new 2019 "Employers Guide to PAYE" published by Revenue at

Revenue also published a Hot Topics document about this issue, and while this document refers to the transition of 2018 into 2019, the same principles apply as we roll over from 2019 to 2020.
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