Filing Amended Submissions Using Payroll 2019

Payroll 2019 has been updated to enable you to file amended payroll submissions to Revenue.

In order to file amendments, you will need to be running Build 69 or higher of Payroll 2019.

You can check for updates by selecting the "Check For Updates" option in the "Help" menu.

This update is to facilitate situations where you need to make a correction to a payroll that you have already submitted to Revenue previously.

The process is straightforward and is exactly the same as making a regular submission, however, you need to pay attention to how these amendments are reflected in ROS.

To help you with this we have prepared a guide which explains the whole process and shows you how your amendments are shown in ROS.

The guide can be downloaded here>>
Creation date: 02/01/2015 23:46      Updated: 02/01/2015 23:46