28/11/2018 - PAYE Modernisation - Importing your ROS Digital Certificate into Payroll

As part of our ongoing updates for PAYE Modernisation we have released an update to our 2018 software that enables you import your ROS Digital Certificate into your Payroll Software.

This is an important first step in your preparations for PAYE Modernisation and will enable you to

  • Load your ROS Digital Certificate into Payroll so that it can be used to access the ROS services directly from your Payroll software.
  • Verify that your ROS Digital Cert is valid for use with the employers that you have set up on your Payroll software.
  • Confirm that you do not have any connectivity problems that would prevent Payroll for communicating with ROS (issues like firewalls etc).

We have posted a video online showing how you can import your ROS Certificate into Payroll and verify that it is working correctly.

You can view the video on our Vimeo channel at https://www.vimeo.com/303102566

The update can be downloaded by selecting the "Check For Updates" option in the "Help" menu in Payroll 2018.

Alternatively you can download and install the update from our website at


Over the next 2 weeks we will be uploading more "How To Videos" to our Vimeo channel that will explain how Payroll 2019 will operate with PAYE Modernisation.
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