Deductions - Non Allowable (After Statutory Deductions)

If an employer and employee enters into an agreement whereby the employee agrees to make a payment to an employer to cover an expense through a deduction from their payroll, then this deduction can be setup as a non-allowable deduction (not allowable as a deduction before tax). This type of deduction agreed between an employee and employer is a non-statutory deduction and does not form part of any Revenue return.

To set up such a deduction

  • Open Company settings
  • Choose the Deductions tab
  • Rename a Deduction to suit the arrangement
  • Ensure all the Tax/PRSI/USC/Pension allowable items are unflagged
  • Save the new deduction

To enter the deduction value at employee level

  • Open the Employee record
  • Choose the Adds/Deds tab
  • The previously setup deduction will be listed
  • Enter the periodical amount of the agreed deduction
  • Save the deduction

The deduction will continue periodical until reset to zero by the payroll administrator.

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