P60s - Certificates to Employees

Please NOTE: From 1 January 2019, the P60 and P45 is abolished in line with PAYE Modernisation. This process is, therefore, only applicable to preceding years.

The P60 Certificate
The P60 is a Revenue certificate issued by the employer to each employee which states the pay elements (as required by Revenue) for the tax year commencing 01st January and ending 31st December only.

The payroll elements are broken down into;

(A) Pay - This employment, previous employment and Illness Benefit
(B) Tax - PAYE deducted in this employment and previous employment
(C) Local Property Tax (LPT) - deducted in this employment only
(D) PAY USC - Pay chargeable to USC in this employment and previous employment
(E) USC - USC deducted in this employment and previous employment
(F) PRSI - PRSI contributions and number of insurable weeks by class

Who receives a P60
Only those employees who are still in your employment on 31st December receive a P60. Any employment who ceased employment during the tax year is not entitled to a P60 from you. The P45 issued to the employee on cessation is the employees statement of earnings up to that point in the tax year.
Any employee who ceases employment on 31st December is entitled to a P45 AND a P60 as they are still in your employment on 31st December.

When to issue P60s
Employers must issue P60s to each employee between 01st January and 15th February.

P60 Stationery
Revenue no longer issues P60 stationery. CollSoft Payroll will prepare the P60 statement, in compliance with Revenue guidelines, and can be printed to blank paper.
Revenue guidelines state, that once the P60 template is adhered to, the P60 can be issued in any accessible format. This includes an email copy of the P60. You only need to issue one copy of the P60 to each employee, as this will fulfil all the employees P60 requirements including those if it is required for the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP). A duplicate P60 may be re-issued to an employee on request.


CollSoft Payroll will accumulate all the necessary payroll information from each employee record to produce the P60 for each employee. If the employee ceased employment and recommenced during the tax year then all periods of employment, with this employer, will be amalgamated.

Accessing the P60 function:

  • Select the Revenue Returns menu
  • Print P60s

P60s - Menu

  • All employees who are in your employment as at 31st December will be listed.

P60 - Employee Listing

By default, ALL EMPLOYEES are selected, you may restrict the selection by choosing the automated options given (‘Select All’ / ‘Select with Email’ etc.) or by simply flagging those required.
By default, the Plain Paper P60 in English is selected.
If you wish to print the P60 in Irish, then choose this option from the drop down P60 stationery option.

P60 - Irish Version of the P60 Certificate


  • All P60s can be previewed on screen by choosing to print to Screen and select Print.
  • The P60, in the Revenue approved format, will be displayed on screen.

P60 - Preview

The P60 can also be printed from this screen by selecting the required printer from the menu.

P60 - Print from Preview


Revenue guidelines state, that once the P60 template is adhered to, the P60 can be issued in any accessible format this includes an email copy of the P60.

The email P60 option, similar to the email payslip function, is the most efficient and cost effective method of issuing P60s. Email gives the added advantage that employee's can access their P60 at any time from their email account eliminating requests for copy P60s from employers.

To access the email P60 function:

  • Select the Revenue Returns menu
  • Print P60s
  • All employees who are entitled to a P60 will be listed
  • Choose 'Select with email'. Only those employees for whom an email address has been completed in their employee record will be flagged to receive an email P60. Simply update any additional employees records with their email addresses in order to issue their P60 by email. You can always return to the email P60 menu at any time and select and de-select employees to issue P60s to.
  • Select Email from the three Print to options at the bottom of the listing.

P60 - Print to Email

P60 Email Wizard
The P60 Email Wizard will launch. There are several steps to complete.

1. Commence Process
Choose Next to proceed through these steps and commence the email process.

2. Senders Information
You will be prompted to enter a Senders Name and Email Address. This will appear as the sender of the email when employees receive the email. The employee will have the option to reply to this email address with any queries or requests they have in relation to their P60. Choose Next to proceed.

3. Confirm Employees
Final confirmation of employees is required, only those employees with email addresses and who were selected on the original employee listing will be displayed now. You now have the opportunity to further de-select employees from the email run should you wish to do so.
Choose Next to proceed.

P60 - Email Wizard; Step 1 to 3

4. Confirm Text for Email
A body of text should be included with your email to issue any additional information or instructions with the P60 email. This is an opportunity to include any instructions in relation to the reporting of P60 errors or omissions or instructions in relation to the importance of the P60. Once all text is complete. Choose Next to proceed.

5. Attachments
The next step will give you the opportunity to add an attachment (in addition to the P60) to the email. Simply select Add to browse to the location of the required attachment. Choose Next to proceed.

6. Copy P60s Email (cc)
It is advisable to send a copy of the email P60s to another account, such as the payroll manager or in the case of a payroll bureau to the employer on whose behalf you are issuing the P60s. You can choose to receive all the P60s in one email or to receive a copy of each individual email. Choose Next to proceed.

7. Finish
You can now complete the email command by selecting Finish and all emails will be sent.

P60 - Email Wizard; Step 4 to 7

If some employees do not receive their email P60 they should check their Spam folders within their email accounts. In some cases, employee's may have to supply an alternative email address.
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