ROS P35 - Updating P30 Summary of Payments on ROS

Please NOTE: From 1 January 2019, the P35 is abolished in line with PAYE Modernisation. This process is, therefore, only applicable to preceding years.


Once the P35 file is added during the P35 submission process, ROS will preview the P35 contents displaying the declaration on screen prior to finally authorising the submission. On this P35 Declaration screen, a summary of P30 payments made will be displayed. This summary of P30 payments is NOT taken from CollSoft it is the Revenue's own account of what has actually been paid and received by them on your account.

The summary of payments updated within CollSoft Payroll is simply for the payroll user to fulfill the employers P30 commitments and to track payments made on account. This payment record does not form any part within the ROS displayed P30 payments.

If the final P30 has been submitted and payment arranged however, the payment remains pending, this amount will not be included in the P30 Summary of payment shown. You may simply amend the figures to adjust for the pending amount, however, only do this for amounts for which payment has been arranged.

ROS P35 - Amending P30 summary of payments

If the amount outstanding on the P35 submission is more than the adjusted total P30 payments (taking into account the adjustment for the pending P30), then the balance will be shown as due on the subsequent payment instruction during the submission.

You can arrange to make payment by authorizing a ROS Debit Instruction (RDI) or credit/debit card transaction on this payment screen.
Alternatively, if you wish to arrange a separate payment, choose to File Return Only. This will allow the completion of the P35 submission, you can then setup a separate payment instruction at a later stage.

Be mindful of the payment due deadline in order to avoid incurring interest and penalties on a late payment.

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