Companies have Disappeared from Payroll Software.

I’m not sure what version of windows you are using but I would assume it is windows 7,8 or 10?

The payroll data file may be stored under C:\Users rather then C:\Program Files and this could be causing the problem. You will need to copy out the data file from C:\Users and paste it into C:\Program Files(86)\CollSoft\Payroll 2016.

The data file that you are looking for is called Data2016.csd

Close Payroll 2016 down completely before continuing.

So if you go to C:\Users\(select your user folder)\App data\Local\Virtual store\ Program Files(86)\CollSoft\Payroll 2016 and right click the Data2016.csd file and select the copy option.

You may need to open your control panel and click Folder options – select view and make sure the Show hidden files and folders option is selected.
Depending on the version of windows you may first need to select appearance and personalisation to get to the folder options icon.

Once you have a copy of the Data2016.csd file paste it to C:\ Program Files(86)\CollSoft\Payroll 2016 folder. ‘Copy and Replace’ the existing CSD File.

Once the file has been copied go to your desktop and locate the Payroll 2016 icon.

Right click on this icon and select the option ‘Run as Administrator’. Click Yes on the message that appears.

The payroll should open and your data should be present,

You will have to select the option ‘Run as Administrator’ from now on when running payroll.

If you right click on the Payroll 2016 icon and select the Properties option and click on the Compatibility tab there is a ‘Run as Administrator’ tick box that you can tick that will always run the payroll in admin mode from that point on.
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