Remitting PRSI to Revenue

STATEMENT (called P30 prior to 2019)
PRSI must be remitted to the Collector General, by the employer, in the Statement subsequent to the date of payment and deduction.

Employers must always show PAYE deductions separately from PRSI contributions, because the amounts of PRSI contributions the Collector-General receives are transferred to the Minister for Social and Family Affairs. If you have to refund any PAYE income tax, do not deduct it from the PRSI contributions. Similarly, PRSI refunds should not be deducted from income tax.

If an employer has no liability to pay PAYE or PRSI for a particular month, a Statement must be returned to the Collector-General with a "Nil" declaration. If there has not been made a payment of PAYE or PRSI for an income tax month, Revenue can serve a notice to the employer of estimated tax and PRSI. The estimate may be set aside by lodging a completed P30 together with any payment owed. However, if Revenue begin enforcement action to recover the tax specified in the notice, you cannot cancel notice of the estimated tax until the recovery action is completed, unless Revenue direct otherwise.

STATEMENT (called P30 prior to 2019) IN COLLSOFT
As each pay period is processed within CollSoft, the tax (PAYE and USC) and PRSI deductions made from payments to employees are summarised in a report to facilitate the periodical submission to Revenue.

Ensure all pay periods for the relevant pay period relating to the Statement submission have been processed prior to preparing the Statement Report
Once the payroll is complete you can access the Statement Report from the menu bar.

Remitting PRSI: Accessing the Monthly Statement Report

All pay periods are summarised by month with a quarterly total. Be sure that you prepare your monthly Statement in accordance with the frequency of submissions as assigned to you by Revenue, i.e monthly/quarterly/annually.

The figures displayed are the subtotals of all deductions made from each employee's payslip and the Employer PRSI liability. The monthly Statement only requires the totals by liability; PAYE, USC, PRSI & LPT. There is not a requirement to break this down by employee on the periodical monthly Statement submission.

Remitting PRSI: Monthly Statement

On submission of the monthly Statement with payment, a record of the amount paid to the Collector General and when it is paid should be recorded within the monthly Statement by simply clicking into the 'Amount Paid' and 'Date Paid' fields and typing in the detail.
These additional recorded items will help reconciliation at the end of year and will also highlight any under/over payments made on account due to any payroll changes made subsequent to the Statement submission.

Remitting PRSI: Recording amounts paid to Collector General
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Rules relating to the operation of PRSI by employers