Wages - Pension Contributions

Employee Details screen:

There is a pension page on the employee details screen where you can set up pension deductions. If you browse to this page you will see the pension types, Standard, PRSA and CWPS (CWPS is specific to the construction industry)

Pension contributions can be made as a fixed amount or as a percentage of pay. Use the drop down arrow to select between fixed amount or percentage. Pension deductions are generally taken from Gross pay. Pension contributions are tax allowable for PAYE calculation but not USC or PRSI, this is subject to age-related earnings percentage limits. Save changes on the employee screen, when you run the next new wage you will see the pension deductions show in the wage.

Employee Wage screen:

The Pension tab in an employee’s wages, allows you to see the pension contributions being made by the employee in the current period. You can only edit pension figures here that are set to fixed amounts in the employee’s details, % of pay figures cannot be edited here.

Wages Pension Contributions - Adding Pension Contributions

Once you have entered the employee's pension contributions as above, you can click save and close and the wage including the pension contributions will be saved for that employee.
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