Wages - Holiday Pay

When making holidays payments, you will enter normal wage as usual. To pay holiday pay, click on the holiday tab and enter the gross payment to be made to the employee for that week. For example, an employee on a gross wage of €500 per week, €500 will be entered in the usual way on the "Pay" tab and one weeks holiday pay of €500 should be entered on the Holiday Tab.

As the employee will take a weeks holidays, you can now allocate an extra 1 weeks tax credit against this payment by entering 1 into the 'Allow an Extra week(s) tax credit for this Holiday Pay' field.

Complete the ‘From’ and ‘To’ date boxes to record the days holidays taken in the employee record.

Untick the 'Allow Pay While on Hols' tick box if this employee is not to be paid the following week, they will then not be listed on the weekly wages screen when processing the next weeks wages.

If you wish to make a gross to net payment, leave the pay boxes blank but do enter the number of weeks tax credit to be used and Payroll will calculate the gross payment.

Wages Holiday Pay: How to Enter Holiday Pay

Once you have the holiday pay entered as above you can click save and close and the wage including holiday pay will be saved for that employee.
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