Print Payslips

You can print the payslips for the period you are processing by opening that period and clicking on the "Payslips" button. You can then select the employees you wish to print payslips for, by ticking or unticking the tick box beside each employees name. Once you have selected the employees you wish to print payslips for, you can select the option to 'Print To - Printer' followed by the Print Payslips button. This option allows you to print the payslips directly to the printer without previewing them first.

Print Payslips - Selecting the Payslips to be Printed/Previewed

If you wish to preview the payslips before printing them, select the 'Print To - Screen' option and click the Print Payslips button. The Payslips will then be printed to screen and can be printed from within the payslips preview as shown below:

Print Payslips - Printing from within the Previewed Payslip

You can also email the payslips to the employees by selecting the 'Print To - Email' option and clicking on the Print Payslips Button. Refer to Email Payslips for more on this topic.
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