Skipping Wages or Starting to Process Wages Mid Year

It is possible to skip wages during the year if you have a period where no employees are being paid, or if you are starting to run wages mid year and have to skip over some pay periods. If you want to skip wages in any frequency (weekly/monthly etc) or start processing wages mid year, you need to click on the ‘Payroll’ drop down menu on the top menu bar and select the ‘Enter weekly wages’ or “Enter Monthly Wages” or whichever frequency of wages you wish to skip over/start mid year. You will be prompted for the date of the next pay period that you wish to process:

Skipping Wages: Enter date of next Wage to Process

When you enter the correct date and click "OK" on the date screen and you will be given a warning message:

Skipping Wages: Confirmation of weeks to be skipped

Click Yes on this message to confirm the payroll date and the Weekly Wages screen for the week you have chosen will then be displayed as shown below. You can then start to process wages from the date specified. Refer to Entering New Wages

Click "No" on this message to cancel this process.

Skipping Wages: Open Week Selected

Note: Do not use the Begin New Weekly/Monthly Wages option to skip wages and proceed to enter a date half way through the year. This will not work. You must use the payroll drop down menu to begin running wages mid year. Also when starting wages mid year you need to have YTD (year to Date) figures entered on the YTD tab on the employee details of each employee.
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