Menu Bar & Toolbar

The Menu Bar
The CollSoft payroll Menu bar offers access to complete functionality through each Menu item.

Simply select the Menu item to view/access a range of features related to the selected menu item.

For example:
To add/edit a new employee using the Menu bar;

  • Select Employee Menu.
  • From this, a list of Employee related features will be listed in the drop down listing.
  • Select Add/Edit Employees from the drop down listing, to set up new employees or edit the record of an existing employee.

The Toolbar
The Toolbar is made up of a number of icons which offer quick access to the more commonly used daily functions of payroll processing.

Each icon is labelled by function, for additional information into each icon function simply hold the mouse cursor over an icon and wait for the Tool Tip to appear.

This toolbar is only visible if your computer screen has a minimum resolution of 800x600

Users can alternate between using both the Menu bar and Toolbar as required. Regardless of which access option used, all entries and amendments are saved and are visible to the user.
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