COVID-19 Webinars

There has been a lot of interest in the COVID-19 Webinars and so we have decided to host some more over the next few days.

We have scheduled two per day from Thursday until next Tuesday, and we will extend past that if there is enough interest.
Participation is free, but you must register your place.

You can register for the various webinars here;

We plan to cover the following topics;

1) Brief overview of the COVID-19 Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme

2) Setting up your Payroll to Run From Home

3) How to process Payrolls under the scheme using CollSoft Payroll

4) Questions and Answers Session

These webinars will be recorded and you will be able to watch them back at a later date.

We hope that this will be useful to our customers and any feedback would be appreciated.


Creation date: 02/01/2015 23:46     Updated: 02/01/2015 23:46