GDPR - CollSoft Payroll Data Processing Agreement Template for the provision of Technical Support

Generally speaking, CollSoft Limited is not a Data Processor, we are simply a supplier of Payroll Software that is used by employers and payroll bureaus to process payroll for their, or their client's employees.

We do not store, process or have any access to the payroll data that users have in the Payroll Software that we provide to them.

However, sometimes we need to provide technical support to our customers which may involve the customer transferring a backup of their payroll data to us so that we can help diagnose a problem. In these cases CollSoft Limited becomes a data processor.

We are launching our new CollSoft Secure Support model which aims to greatly reduce the instances whereby you will need to transfer any of your employee's personal data to us in order to diagnose a problem. More information about CollSoft Secure Support can be found here>>

In cases where it is not possible the transfer of personal data to us we will need to enter into a data processing agreement with you.

A template for our data processing agreement can be found in the link below.
Creation date: 24/05/2018 14:00     Updated: 01/11/2019 14:32
CollSoft Limited Technical Support Data Processing Agreement Template.pdf