Payroll 2018 or earlier tax years P45 - Submit via ROS


  • Login to your ROS account at
  • ROS will open the My Services page within your account by default.
  • It is within My Services that you will see 'Returns and Payments' section.
  • The first File Return Option is to 'Complete a Form On-line', using this option you simply choose your return type and input all entries manually on screen for submission.
  • The second option is to 'Upload Form(s) Created Off-line', using this option you upload a file which contains all the entries required which has been created elsewhere, i.e. CollSoft Payroll.
  • It is this second option, 'Upload Form(s) Created Off-line' that you will choose to upload the P45 which you created by CollSoft Payroll.
  • Select the 'P45 (1)' submission type
  • Choose 'Upload Return'

P45 Submission via ROS - Upload Form Created Off-Line


  • You must 'Add File' to upload the form created with CollSoft Payroll
  • Click on 'Add File'

P45 Submission via ROS - Add File

  • A windows browser will open to allow you to navigate to the folder/directory into which the ROS P45 was saved when created in CollSoft Payroll. This will normally be the ROS P45 folder located on the local disk; C:/ROS/P45
  • The File will be saved in the employee name to whom it is issued, e.g. Joe Smyth, followed by P45; JOE_SMYTH_P45.
  • Choose the correct P45 file and select 'Open'

P45 Submission via ROS - Open P45(1) file


  • The P45 file will now show as added to ROS, a preview of the P45 will not display.
  • Enter the password for your ROS cert.
  • Select 'Upload File(s)'

P45 Submission via ROS - Upload P45 to finalise submission

The P45 is now submitted to Revenue via ROS.
A Confirmation of the submission will display on screen along with an acknowledgment reference number.
It is advisable to take note of this number.


The P45 is made up of 4 parts;

Part 1 ; Employer submits to Revenue confirming the employee earnings and registering the employees cessation of employment
Part 2 ; Employee gives to their new employer. New employer retains to use on a temporary basis.
Part 3 ; Employee gives to their new employer. New employer submits to Revenue to register commencement of employment and request TCC.
Part 4 ; Employee retains. The employee will give this submit this section in order to claim benefits.

In submitting the P45 via ROS the employees cessation of employment (i.e. Part 1 of the P45) is complete.

From the submission, Revenue issue the remainder of the P45 (Parts, 2, 3 & 4) to your Revenue Inbox for printing.

When logged into ROS, go to 'Revenue Record'

Within your listing of Inbox messages a P45 (1) document will be available within your Inbox.

Select this P45 (1) message to open.

ROS P45 - P45 returned for printing.

Once you open the message the P45 Parts 2, 3 & 4 will display on screen.
(This will appear in a pop up window, depending on your browser, you may experience issues with either the pop up window displaying and/or the content of the message displaying. Try logging into ROS using a different browser to resolve these issues.)

ROS P45 - ROS issued P45 - Parts 2, 3 & 4

The ROS issued P45 will print to one page.

You must print this document to the specific Revenue issued ROS P45 stationery, it is not sufficient to print to plain paper.

Once printed give the complete one page document to the employee.

ROS P45 stationery can only be ordered directly from Revenue by calling 1890 30 67 06 or emailing
You must include your Employers Reference Number (or in the case of an accountant, your Taxpayer Advisor Identification Number) and the type of printer being used i.e matrix or laser.

NOTE : The file copy of the P45 printed directly from CollSoft Payroll is a file copy only for employers records. It should not be given to employees in place of the ROS P45, as a replacement or a copy of the original P45 in any circumstances.

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Issuing of P45 on cessation of employment & ROS submission
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