P30 - Prepare File for ROS

CollSoft Payroll is compatible with ROS for Payroll related employer submissions. CollSoft payroll offer P30 submission functionality by which the P30 report can be converted into a ROS compatible file which can be submitted via the ROS account.

Once all pay periods and complete and correct for any given P30 period the P30 for ROS can be prepared, choose to prepare the P30 for ROS.


From the menu choose;
  • Revenue Returns
  • P30 Monthly Return
  • Generate ROS P30

P30 Prepare for ROS - Generate ROS P30

  • Choose the period, from the drop down list, for which you wish to prepare a P30 for ROS
  • Choose 'OK' to continue
  • CollSoft Payroll will automatically default to the ROS folder/directory on the local C: drive, i.e. C:/ROS/P30
  • Either choose 'Save' to save the file to this location or browse to another location and save the file there.
  • The file will automatically save with the employers name and P30 period forming the file name.
  • Once the file is saved CollSoft will confirm the completed process of saving the P30 file ready for ROS submission

P30 Prepare for ROS - Complete saving the file

You are now ready to login into your ROS account to complete the submission process. Refer to our KB article, P30 - Submitting on ROS, for guidance on how to submit the P30 via your ROS account.

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