P30 - Submitting via ROS

Refer to our KB article, P30 - Prepare for ROS, for guidance on how to prepare the P30 file for ROS submission.

Once all payroll is up to date for all relevant wage periods within a P30 return period (i.e. monthly/quarterly) then CollSoft will create a P30 file that can be submitted to Revenue via Revenue Online System (ROS).

As the P30 return is created and exported from CollSoft it is referred to as a form that has been created 'Offline' with ROS.



  • Login to your ROS account at www.revenue.ie
  • ROS will open the My Services page within your account by default.
  • It is within My Services that you will see 'Returns and Payments' section.
  • The first File Return Option is to 'Complete a Form On-line', using this option you simply choose your return type and input all entries manually on screen for submission.
  • The second option is to 'Upload Form(s) Created Off-line', using this option you upload a file which contains all the entries required which has been created elsewhere, i.e. CollSoft Payroll.
  • It is this second option, 'Upload Form(s) Created Off-line' that you will choose to upload the P30 which you created by CollSoft Payroll.
  • Select the 'P30' submission type
  • Choose 'Upload Return'

P30 via ROS - Upload Option


  • You must 'Add File' to upload the form created with CollSoft Payroll
  • Click on 'Add File'

P30 via ROS - Choose to Add File

  • A windows browser will open to allow you to navigate to the folder/directory into which the ROS P30 was saved when created in CollSoft Payroll. This will normally be the ROS P30 folder located on the local disk; C:/ROS/P30
  • The File will be saved in the company name to which it relates, e.g. CollSoft Payroll Demo, with the return period to which the P30 relates, e.g. April.
  • Choose the return file and select 'Open'

P30 via ROS - browsing for the P30

  • The file will now show as added to ROS, a preview of the entries, i.e. PAYE/USC/PRSI/LPT liability will not preview at this stage.
  • Enter the password for your ROS cert.
  • Select 'Upload File(s)'

P30 via ROS - Enter Password

A Confirmation of the submission will display on screen along with an acknowledgment reference number.
It is advisable to take note of this number.

You will also receive confirmation of the P30 submission to your ROS Inbox, located under Revenue Record.
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