P2C - Import to CollSoft Payroll

Once you have completed the P2C - Export from ROS routine the P2C is now ready from import into CollSoft Payroll.

The ROS P2C import performs two functions;

  1. Updates existing employee payroll records with the new P2C (tax credit certificate) details
  2. Adds new employees - where there are employees within the P2C file, for whom a payroll record does not exist, CollSoft will create a payroll record for the additional employee from the detail contained within the P2C file. This is an optional function.

The employee detail within the P2C file is linked to their employee payroll record within CollSoft payroll using the PPSN which is unique to each employee. If an employee has been allocated an incorrect PPSN or an employee does not have a PPSN within their payroll record then the link cannot be made between the two records.

CollSoft Payroll Checks

CollSoft Payroll will check that the employer registered number for the open company is the same as the employer number within the ROS P2C file. CollSoft Payroll will not allow the import to proceed if the employer number in both are not the same.
A P2C will only import into the CollSoft Payroll year to which it relates, i.e. a P2C issued for the 2018 tax year will only import into CollSoft Payroll 2018.



Open the Company file within CollSoft Payroll to which the P2C is issued.

  • From the File menu choose Import ROS P2C File

P2C Import to CollSoft - Choose Import P2C option


A browser will open allowing you to navigate to the location of the downloaded P2C file from ROS.
  • From the quick access options you should see an option to choose the Downloads folder. If you did not direct the P2C file to save anywhere else when exporting it from ROS then you should see the file once you choose this Downloads folder.

    The P2C file will be denoted as a P2C file along with the employer registered PAYE number, for example P2CExport_1234567A_ALL.csv
    (When in ROS, if you choose to Export Complete List then the file will end with _ALL, if you choose to Export Amendments Only then the file will end with _AMD so it will read P2CEXPORT_1234567A_AMD.csv)

P2C Import to CollSoft - Open P2C File

  • Select the required P2C file
  • Select Open


If there are new employees within the P2C, for whom a payroll record does not exist within CollSoft Payroll, then CollSoft will give you the option to add these employees to the payroll first.

  • The employees will be listed, simply select those you wish to add and de-select those who you do not.
  • Choose to Import Now to complete the addition of the new employees to the payroll.

P2C Import to CollSoft - Adding New Employees

You will now see the employee added to your payroll. Simply complete the employee record with the appropriate pay frequency, rate of pay etc., prior to processing their initial wage.

If you initially add the new employees to CollSoft Payroll, once the process is complete, you will need to return to the File menu to start the Import P2C process again in order to now update the Existing Employees tax details to their Employee record.

If you do not wish to add the new employees listed in the P2C then simply choose the 'Existing Employees' tab and proceed with updating the existing employee tax credit details.


Once the Import P2C file is selected from the File menu and the P2C file is located and opened, all P2C details for Existing Employees will be listed in the Existing Employees tab.

  • The employees will be listed, simply select those employees whose records you wish to update and de-select those who you do not.
  • Choose Update Now to complete the process and apply the tax credit amendments.

P2C Import to CollSoft - Updating Existing Employee Records

All imported amendments will be applied to the subsequent wages processed.

It is advisable to print and review the P2C report in order to ascertain the impact of the amendments to the next wage run. Amendments to employees tax details may result in a significant PAYE/USC deduction or refund in the subsequent wage processed.
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ROS P2C export and import into CollSoft Payroll
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