P2C - Export from ROS

Refer to the KB article What is a P2C for an explanation of the P2C.

CollSoft Payroll offers the functionality to import the electronic tax credit certificates (P2C) updating all employee records automatically with the newly issued tax information. This function offers the added benefits of setting up new employees which are contained within the Revenue issued P2C file which you have not yet added to the payroll.

There are significant benefits to using the Import P2C function within CollSoft Payroll, such as:

  • Efficient and quick solution to keeping employees tax details up to date
  • Eliminates data input errors
  • Significant time savings
  • Import function identifies tax years removing risk of using out of date tax information
  • Where running multiple employers payroll, the P2C file will only update the corresponding employer file eliminating errors

CollSoft Payroll, like most payroll software providers, cannot directly access the employers ROS account to import the P2C file due to the security feature of the digital certificate upon which ROS accounts operate. Therefore a simple process of exporting the P2C file from the ROS account is the necessary first step.



  • Login to your ROS account at www.revenue.ie.
  • Choose Revenue Record from the horizontal menu bar.
  • Within the Revenue Record choose PAYE and USC P2C Details from the vertical list of options.

P2C Export - Revenue Record


The P2C options will appear in the main screen;
  • The employer registered number will be displayed, e.g. 1234567A.
  • A drop down list of available tax years for which P2Cs are in issued can be selected from. Remember if running 2018 payroll then the tax year 2018 should be selected, CollSoft Payroll will only import tax details to the linked payroll year.
  • You can choose to specify an employee name or PPSN to retrieve an individual employee tax credit detail or simply choose 'Search' to generate a complete list of all P2C information for the chosen tax year.

ROS Export - Search P2Cs


Once you choose to Search all employees for the selected tax year, all registered employees will be listed, regardless of whether or not the employee details have been exported or not. A full history of P2Cs for the tax year are displayed.

ROS Export - Employee Listing for the tax year

Each employees P2C status is indicated by a Y or N in the column 'Yet to Export'

  • Y indicates that the record was included in a previous export.
  • N indicates that the record has not yet been included in a previous export.

It is important to note here that once the P2C export option is selected then the 'Yet to Export' status changes to N, regardless of whether or not that export was brought to the payroll software for import. It is merely a flag that the ROS account operator created an export file and not a flag to trace that the tax credit certificate was actually applied. It is important to always complete the process by then importing the exported file into CollSoft Payroll.

The employer must always apply the most recently dated tax credit certificate, the P2C process recognizes this.
If an employee has been issued with multiple amended tax details and so are listed multiple times, the export function will always take the most recently issued tax details as this is the current status relevant to that employee.

You must now choose how to export the list;

Export the Complete List will export the entire P2C for the tax year so that the most recent tax credit certificates are exported for all employees ignoring whether the detail has been exported previously or not; i.e. ignoring the Y or N flag in the 'Yet to Export' column.

Export Amendments Only will only export the tax credit details for the tax year for those employees for whom the details were not previously exported, i.e. only exporting those employees for whom the flag is Y in the 'Yet to Export' column.

As the Export Complete List exports the most recent tax credit certificate for ALL employees it will ensure that all employee tax credit certificates are up to date within the payroll, for this reason it is considered best practice to choose this option.
If an employee is flagged as N in error (due to a previous export which was not brought to the payroll for import), indicating that their file is not an amendment the action of Export Complete List will rectify this error/oversight.


Once the Export option has been selected the download of the P2C will commence. The exact steps of the download action is browser dependent.

During Download the file will normally save to the Downloads directory (folder) by default.

ROS Export - Download file

Do not choose to OPEN the file.

The Downloads folder is easily accessible from the Windows browser which mostly has a shortcut option to the Downloads directory.

ROS Export - File Saved to Downloads

The P2C file is downloaded in a csv format, once opened the file format will change which will compromise the import into the payroll as it expects to see the file in its original. If you open the file and it then fails to import then you must repeat the download process in order to create the file in its original format again.


It is important to note that the export status does not delete any employee details from ROS. Every employees tax credit certificate remains in the P2C listing. The only change to occur post export is a status update on the employee record.
On completion of the export any employee previously flagged as Y (yes) for 'Yet to Export' will change to N (no), indicating that the details were included in an export file. This is no indication that the details were then actually transferred to the payroll.
As mentioned previously, choosing to 'Export Complete List' will counteract any errors where files were exported but not transferred to payroll.

ROS Export - Employee Export Status change

Now that the P2C file is exported the final step is to import the P2C into CollSoft Payroll, see P2C - Import to CollSoft Payroll.
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ROS P2C export and import into CollSoft Payroll
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