Password Protected Payslips - Mobile Devices

As different software is used to open the PDF payslip on a mobile device as opposed to a laptop/PC, the password protection set up at each employee level is bypassed when viewed within these devices.

Enabling Password Protection for mobile devices

To ensure password protection is enabled on mobile devices an additional setup step is required within CollSoft Payroll.

  • When running the email payslips wizard choose the ‘Master Password’ field on the ‘Send Copy Email’ screen (the last screen of the wizard before you get the Finish button) .

Password Protected Payslips: Entering the Master Password

  • Complete the Master Password with any generic password (e.g. Pass or Test).

This process simply enables password protection on all mobile devices but does not replace each employees individually assigned password.
The master password just needs to be populated in order for the password functionality to work correctly when using a phone to view the payslip.

Next time the email payslips are sent, each employee will be requested to enter their password when opening on their mobile device.
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