Payroll 2018 or earlier tax years P45 - Prepare ROS P45 File

This option allows the user to create a ROS P45 file for an employee who's employment has been terminated. You can access this option from the P45 drop down menu. When you select this option you are presented with the following screen:

Prepare ROS P45 File: Select Employee

Here you can select the employee you wish to create a ROS P45 for by ticking the tick box beside their name and clicking the 'Make P45' button. When you do this a "Save As" screen will open, giving you the opportunity to save the file at whatever location you wish. The Default location that the ROS P45 file will save into is C:\ROS\P45

View P45's: Select Location to Save the File

Click Save once you have selected your location and the file will be created and saved to the location specified.

You can then upload the P45 file to ROS by going to the ROS website and logging into your ROS account. You must be registered with ROS in order to upload files. You can register at this web site also.

When logged into your ROS account online, you will see the option to 'Upload Form(s) Completed Off-Line' as shown below:

View P45's: Begin the Upload Process

Select the Type of file you wish to upload from the 'Select a Return type' drop down menu (a P45 in this case).

You will then be given the option to 'Add File(s)'. Use this option to add the ROS P45 file that you created in payroll and saved to your computer.

Once the file is added, enter your password and click on the Upload button. The P45 file should upload to the ROS website once you do this.

Once you have uploaded the file to the ROS website, revenue will send you back a receipt to the inbox of your ROS account online. This is the legal P45 and you should print this off and give it to the employee.
Creation date: 02/01/2017 23:46     Updated: 11/01/2019 10:06
Issuing of P45 on cessation of employment & ROS submission
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