Payroll 2018 or earlier tax years P45 - View P45's Already Issued

This option allows the user to view the P45's already issued and to print it off when required. You can access this option through the P45 drop down menu or by clicking on the View P45 option towards the end of the blue panel on the left of the Employee screen as shown below:

View P45's: Select Option

When you click on the View P45 option you are presented with the following screen:

View P45's: Select Employee to View

You now simple select the employee who's Proforma P45 you wish to look at and select the View button. The P45 for that employee will then open as shown below:

View P45's: Proforma P45 is Displayed

This is not a legal P45, this is proforma P45 that you can print off and save for your own records.

There are two ways to issue a P45 to an employee:

1. You can transcribe the details from the Proforma P45 onto P45 stationary that is available from revenue. To order P45 Revenue Stationary you need to click into the Order Forms & Leaflets Online section of the revenues website. You can order whatever revenue stationary you require from this section of their website. Once you have the stationary you can then transcribe the details from the Proforma P45 onto the P45 stationary and give it to the employee.

2. You can create a ROS P45 file and Upload it to the ROS website. Click here for more details on how to do this.
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Issuing of P45 on cessation of employment & ROS submission
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