P30 Report

Employers act as Revenue appointed tax agents to deduct and remit the correct level of taxes from wages earned by employees prior to making payment of the net effect.

Each employer is legally bound to deduct and to also remit these taxes to Revenue on a periodical basis.

As each wage is processed within CollSoft payroll, the program will automate the statutory tax (PAYE, USC, LPT) and social deductions (PRSI)
from each wage in accordance with;
a) the appropriate rates of tax in force in each tax year
b) the Revenue issued, and user input, tax credits as SRCOP pertaining to each employee.

The taxes deducted by the employer must be declared to Revenue in the from of a P30 submission and paid in line with each P30 period.


  • The P30 report will compile each statutory deduction applied to individual employee wage payment and total the deductions by tax (PAYE, USC, PRSI, LPT) and then by period (monthly/quarterly).
  • It is these statutory deductions which must be returned and paid to the Revenue on a periodical basis, either monthly or quarterly, as dictated to each employer by Revenue.
  • The payroll user can determine how to view the P30 information.
  • To view the subtotals by period, choose 'Revenue Returns' from the CollSoft menu. Within this menu choose, 'P30 Monthly Return', then 'P30 Summary Sheet'.

P30 Report - View Summary Sheet


  • All statutory tax and PRSI deductions are totaled by month for all payroll periods within the associated date range.
  • Within this report each payment made to Revenue for each P30 reporting period should be entered and dated in order to manage this tax liability.
  • To enter an amount paid simply click into the cell linked to the appropriate period in the 'Amount paid' column and enter the actually payment made to Revenue and which settled on account either by means of a tax write off or as an actual payment to Revenue.
  • It is good practice to also record the date of payment in the appropriate cell in the 'Date Paid' column.
    This payment information is not included in any of your ROS files and is completed in order to record the outstanding balance due to Revenue at any time.

P30 Report - Recording Payments made


  • To view the P30 in the Revenue P30 format, while still in the P30 Report, choose 'View Detailed P30'
  • Choose the P30 period required on the next screen
  • Select 'OK' to generate the report.

P30 Report - Generate Detailed Report

  • The Detailed P30 report will display on screen with a summary.
  • Each additional page will breakdown by employee the deductions made on a period by period basis which are totaled on the initial summary page.

P30 Report - Detailed P30

Once the employer is satisfied that all relevant pay periods have been processed and the figures contained within the P30 reports are complete and correct then the P30 can be submitted to Revenue.

If you are a registered ROS user then you can Prepare a P30 ROS Submission within CollSoft Payroll and submit via ROS.

If you intend to submit the P30 using ROS please refer to the KB articles, P30 - Prepare for ROS and P30 - Submit via ROS, for guidance in completing this process.
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