Network Requirements

CollSoft Payroll can be used in a network environment to provide access to a shared data file.

Note: You do NOT need to purchase additional copies of CollSoft Payroll in order to use the network feature. You can create a network environment with the two licenses that come with buying the Payroll Software. However, adding a 3rd or subsequent computer to the network would require the purchase of an additional license.

To set up a shared data file for CollSoft Payroll you should do the following;

Select 'Options' from the 'Tools' menu and you will see the Network Settings section.

Within Network Settings enter the location of your data file on the network (for example; C:\Program Files\CollSoft\Payroll) or you can use the browse button to navigate to the correct installation directory. A network drive must be available to select, i.e. previously, the PC should be mapped to the required network drive or the network drive should be available to choose. For more information relating to mapping network drives please consult your company network administrator.

Once you have selected the network location, CollSoft Payroll will scan that location for any existing CollSoft Payroll data files. If none are found you will be asked if you would like to copy the data file from your local PC to the network.

If there is a data file already present on the network you will be asked if you would like to use that as your default data file.

Install a copy of CollSoft Payroll on each PC that requires network access and repeat the above procedure. Note that for each subsequent PC you will be connecting to the existing data files at that network location.
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