Intermittent Problems With ROS Services Wednesday 16th January 2019

*** UPDATE @ 5PM ***

Revenue have informed us that the issue in ROS has been resolved and that users should be able to make payroll Submissions as Normal.


We would like to make you aware that there have been intermittent problems with the ROS Services this morning.

You may notice that accessing ROS via Payroll is very slow, and in some cases non responsive. This is also occurring when you log into the ROS website directly.

Users have been having problems retrieving RPNs where some times the response is very slow, and at other times no response is received at all.

Other users have had problems submitting PSRs and are not receiving an acknowledgement from ROS when they file their PSR, yet when they log into ROS the submission has been processed.

Revenue are aware of the problems and are currently investigating the issue.

We will notify you when we have an update.
Creation date: 16/01/2019 12:49     Updated: 16/01/2019 16:53